Yoga for Health and Relaxation

Summary Course Description:

This Yoga course focuses on health and relaxation. Studying the anatomy of the body (organs and energetic channels), gives the opportunity to heal sickness by correcting some aspects of our mind and driving the energy into the right channels.

Typical Class Structure:

This course combines various yoga disciplines including Hatha, Raja, Jnani and Bakti.

Each session is divided into two parts: static and dynamic.

In the static section the focus is on the practice of breathing known as ‘Pranayama’. The goal is to strengthen inner energy known as Prana, and as a result, allow control of the mind and its emotions. It is very important to improve our inner energy and let it circulate in a proper way because if energy circulation is bad, physical illness will often result as a consequence.

In the dynamic section this energy is allowed to circulate properly in the body by cycles of healthy postures and positions known as Asanas in order to stimulate the Chakras.

Once the energy flows in a proper way we will be able to develop a special opening of the Chakras (spiritual organs). This will allow us to achieve a higher quality of existence in all aspects of our being and in particular with our ability to connect with our higher self.

Typical Course Structure:

The Yoga course starts with an emphasis on the physical body (Hata Yoga) doing mainly stretching and posture that effect the muscles structure. At the same time there is a focus on the breathing though rhythmic cycles (Pranayama) in which is believed that a different way to breath can effect different aspect of our emotions.

Entering an intermediate level the practitioner is required to increase the concentration throughout the posture cycles (Asanas cycles) and start to practice exercises for develop a higher mind control.
The emphasis start to shift to a different level which involve mind control and visualization of inner energy flow throughout the body (Raja Yoga). This require a good command of the body muscles and a high knowledge of the Asanas cycles.

Once the practitioner reaches a good level of concentration during the Asanas Cycles and a good control of the inner energy, there is a new level to enter, which focus on the meditation part with various methods. The Yoga then will become a complete meditation section even during the performance of the Asanas cycles, which require now a continuative visualization of the energy flow combined with meditation on the Chakras. In the advanced level there will be a theoretical and philosophical according to the traditional Yoga.


Yoga is a philosophy of life, which also has the potential to create a vibrantly healthy body and mind. Yoga, practiced in its correct sequential order, gradually leads the practitioner to rediscovering his or her fullest potential on all levels of human consciousness—physical, psychological, and spiritual.

The mind then becomes lucid, clear and precise. Physically, yoga benefits the body by increasing flexibility, suppleness, inducing relaxation, and encourage healthier functioning of the internal organs.


• Loose clothing or leotards are appropriate for this class. Suitable clothing is available from (DC) Gallery and Studio shop.
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