T'ai Ji Quan

Summary Course Description:

Tai Ji Quan, whose origins go back to ancient China, is a system of physical and spiritual training, the synthesis of Taoist teachings, insights and experiences that can help you to achieve harmony. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that incorporates calmness of mind and inner strength. The Tai Chi is a form of exercise that includes correct breathing, efficient motion, balance and stability. The practice of Tai Chi helps the practitioner to develop a sense of Chi (internal energy) flow within his body and is very useful for maintaining good health. Additionally, such an understanding of personal Chi flow is very important during the process of healing. Tai Chi may be practiced by anyone. It may be practiced in a calm way or with great energy!

Typical Class Structure:

The typical class starts with gentle loosening and warming-up rhythmical exercises.
It is followed by a sequence of Tai Ji Qi Gong exercises.
The third section of the class is an aerobic work-out incorporating, blocks, kicking and punching combinations.
The fourth section is devoted to the individual movements that make-up the Tai Ji Quan short form.
The fifth section is the practice of the basic Tai Ji Quan short form (as earth – water – Fire).
The final section of each class is Qi Gong (breathing exercise) routine.

Typical Course Structure:

The course is divided into two phases.

  1. Phase 1: The short form consisting of 48 postures is taught. Before this, a simplified version consisting of 24 postures is taught, and then the full version is taught.
  2. Phase 2: The long form is taught.


The Tai Chi system is an excellent method for the maintenance of health, mind/body co-ordination and a feeling of oneness. The class sessions are held in an informal setting allowing each person to progress at a comfortable pace. There is no competition or religious element as it is intended to develop a person’s self-awareness and self-confidence in order that one may live a full and constructive life.


Loose comfortable clothes are required – ideally Chinese Style pajamas.

Uniform items available in the Dance Centre Shopping Gallery