Pre - Ballet

Class Grades Available:

  1. Pre-Primary
  2. Primary

Summary Course Description:

The course will help the young Children in developing an awareness of their own body and will teach them how to control their movements and gain a sense of creative presence through structured session.Tthe course is also a preparation for young children to understand the basic ballet vocabulary and exercises.


Based on basic classic training associated with games and stretching exercises for children.

Typical Class Structure:

Warm-up / simple dance sequences / stretch to warm down


Physical, mental development, improved coordination and concentration as well as introducing discipline into the children’s mind. This course is designed to introduce young children to the love of dance and music through the beauty of classical ballet and creative movement. The course is taught by qualified teachers to prepare the young student for more formal dance/movement classes. Focus is on enjoyment!


Pink  leotard , pink tights or socks /pink wrap skirt / ballet shoes.

Dancewear available at Dance Centre