Creative BALLET for Children

Suitable age:   3-4 years old

Objectives :

  • Students are to re-establish natural movement through formalized teaching and repetition.
  • Students are to familiarize with developing muscular strength and endurance through formalize teaching and repetition.
  • Students are to familiarize with basic rhythm.
  • Students are to familiarize with basic discipline.
  • Students are to familiarize with executing movement using imagination and imaginative thinking as pilot.
  • Students are to familiarize with using props.
  • Students are to familiarize/learn discipline and respond to the basic command.


Summary Course Description:

The course will help the young Children in developing an awareness of their own body and will teach them how to control their movements and gain a sense of creative presence as well as encouraging children to use their imagination in a productive way. It is also an introduction to dance and basic movements. Discipline will be introduced to children through creative way of teaching.


Typical Class Structure:

  • Legs and feet
  • Fingers and hands
  • Arms (Forward and backward)
  • Head and eye focus
  • Walks and runs (Forward and backward)
  • Spin and balance
  • Jumps on two feet and one foot
  • Gallops and leaps
  • Imaginative movement sequence


Scheduled once a week, of forty-five minutes duration.


Physical, mental development, improved coordination and concentration. This course is designed to introduce young children to the love of music and creative movement. The course is taught by qualified teachers to prepare the young student for more formal dance/movement classes. Focus is on enjoyment!


Pink  leotard , pink tights or socks / ballet shoes.

Dancewear available at Dance Centre