Ballet for Children

Class Grades Available:

  1. Grade 1
  2. Grade 2
  3. Grade 3
  4. Grade 4
  5. Grade 5

Summary Course Description:

The course will introduce students to the theatrical dance of Classical Ballet. Taught by professional teachers. The course will teach ballet technique through the study of stylized movements and positions. This course provides a solid foundation for students who wish to continue their dancing ability to a higher level.


The course is based on the Royal Academy of Dance teaching method (British System) Dance Centre, school of performing arts offers both   the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) (British) and Vaganova  (Russian) ballet training systems and is designed to systematically training students from a young age to a professional level. International ballet  examinations are held annually for children and major students.


The Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) U. K.


The entire course covers 12 years of study. Pre-Ballet classes are available for 4 year olds
• 4-6 years old attend once/week (1 hour)
• 6-9 years old attend twice/week (1 hour each)
• 10-12 years old attend three times/week (1.5 hours each)


Physical and mental development with improved flexibility, coordination and concentration. This course is taught by qualified teachers who can teach the student to be aware of their body to develop better poise and confidence, and to appreciate the art of dance.


For girls:
• 4-6 years old: pink sleeveless leotard with chiffon skirt, pink socks; soft, satin pink ballet shoes.
• 6-9 years old: pink/blue/dark blue sleeveless leotard, pink tights; soft satin/leather pink ballet shoes. Black character shoes and character skirt.
• 10-12 years old: Blue sleeveless leotard, pink tights; soft satin/leather pink ballet shoes. Black character(high-heel) shoes and character skirt.

For boys:
• 4-9 years old: white leotards, black shorts, white socks, white soft ballet shoes.
• 10-12 years old: white leotards, black shorts or tights, white socks, white soft ballet shoes


Dancewear available at Dance Centre