Contemporary Dance

Summary Course Description:

Contemporary modern dance originated as an innovation of Classical Ballet. Although there are many similarities between both forms of dance, Contemporary modern dance is more liberal in its exploration of form, technique, and musical style. The technique explores into the more organic way of movement, the understanding of the human body and the relationship between the body, mind and soul and the whole environment, finding connection between the body and the dance to create a harmonious way of dancing. It also expands into the way of how one perceive the aesthetic vision and the creativity of the dance to create freedom of dancing as oppose to the balletic form of movement.

Student and Adult courses.

Typical Class Structure:

Starting with usual warm-ups, stretching then the class progress into traveling sequences and to a dance routine and finishes off with a cool-down and occasional discussion.


Draws heavily on release technique, based mostly on organic and harmonious way of moving therefore Graham’s and Cunningham’s techniques are still in the picture.



Scheduled twice per week, of one-and-a-half hour’s duration


Contemporary dance will guide you through getting to know your body to improve your way of living. The training gives the awareness of our own body and mind and expands into our creativity and emotions. It also is a form of strenuous dance training which students must train in order to achieve their goal.


Leotard or tight-fitted singlet / appropriate dancing pants or tracksuit pants.

Uniform items available in the Dance Centre Shopping Gallery