Summary Course Description:

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The course based on the syllabus if the I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), England. The course is divided into:

  1. Group Bronze (Beginner)
  2. Group Silver (Intermediate) Group
  3. Gold (Advanced)

Typical Class Structure:

Starting with warm-ups, stretching then the class progress into practicing dance steps and to a dance routine and finishes off with a cool-down and occasional discussion.


The Waltz, Tango, Quickstep and Foxtrot are called ballroom dances. Each of them has a different character and is danced to a different music. We will offer you advice on how to recognise the music and how to dance each of them. You will find out that the Waltz is a full of grace, Tango is all about passion, Quickstep is cheerful and Foxtrot is a very elegant dance.


The school recommends students to attend 2 classes per week, of one-and-a-half hour’s duration


Ballroom dance will guide you through getting to know your body to improve your physical structure. The training gives enjoyment through the various music and rhythm thus enables you to improve you physical health. The dance will also give you the opportunity to enter the world of social dancing to boost your skill in meeting with people.


Leotard or tight-fitted singlet / appropriate dancing pants or tracksuit pants or skirt / Ballroom dancing shoes available at (DC) Shopping Gallery.

Uniform items available in the Dance Centre Shopping Gallery