Since 1985, Dance Centre school of performing arts approved and licensed by the Royal Thai Government Ministry of Education has established itself as Thailand’s premiere dance academy. Its teachers are qualified professionals who are working performers. Dance Centre teaches various dance/movement of various styles such as classical ballet based on British and Russian styles, jazz, contemporary dance, creative dance, hip-hop, latin and ballroom. We offer annual International ballet examination. The school also provides access to a full range of mind/body development courses for both children and adults ranging from Hatha Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi Ch’uan. Dance Centre school of performing arts caters to the needs of different groups from the very young, through to professional dancers, adult beginners, teenagers and executives. There are a variety of courses to select from at the school to suit particular individual interests and needs. We encourage all students to enroll and make a commitment on a course basis or longer, and practice. The rewards of completing a courses include both physical and mental improvement. The Dance Centre maintains close affiliations with prestigious cultural organizations worldwide and offers bursaries every year.


“The Company of Performing artists” Thailand

“The Company of Performing Artists” Thailand (CPA) the Kingdom’s first contemporary-dance-theatre-company, was formed in 1997. Its mission is act as a vehicle to promote and sustain the development of performing arts in Thailand by giving young dancers, composers and choreographers the opportunity to create original pieces for performances during the company’s performing season i.e. Dance Day in April, Dance Centre’s annual charity performance in August and The Winter Season in November.

            The CPA is regularly invited to perform at international arts and dance festivals and has exchanged programs with other international renowned dance-theatre companies. The CPA is sponsored by leading local and international organizations who recognize the importance of supporting the performing arts in Thailand.


“The Company of Performing Artists” Thailand’s Repertoire


“Kaki”                                                              Siriraj”s Foundation                                         1997

“Ramakien”                                                     The Siam Society                                            1998

“The Last Silver Crane”                                 Georgian International Festival Tblisi

“Torapee…Torapa”                                         The Siam Society                                             1999

“The Christmas Variety Performance”        Peninsula Bangkok                                         1999

“Romeo and Juliet”                                         Sala Chalermkrung                                          2000

“White Road Blues”                                        Bangkok Playhouse                                          2000

“Exotic Siam”                                                   Edinburgh Fringe Festival                                2000

“Six Thinking Hats”                                        Dance Day 29th April Emporium                    2001

“Mirror Images”                                              Dance Day 28th April Emporium                    2002

                                                                        Thailand Cultural Centre                                    2002

“Kaki³”                                                            Dance Day 26th –27th April Benjasiri Park     2003

                                                                        Thailand Cultural Centre

Travelling Artists                                           Dance Day 27th -29th April Benjasiri Park      2004

                                                                         The International Performing Arts Festival , China

Concert Arve Tellefson

in collaboration with

Norwegian Embassy                                   Conrad hotel                                                          2005

101 Shadow                                                  International Dance Festival                               2005

Dharma-da 1                                                 International Dance Festival                               2007

The Last Silver Crane                                  International Dance Festival

                                                                       BKK/ Phuket / Chiengmai                                     2008

Dharma-da 2                                                International Dance Festival

                                                                       BKK / Chiengmai                                                    2011